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Various regions of Asia form Asian Network for Quality with the Goal of contributing to creativity, integration, prosperity and quality of human life in Asia through the Strategy based on constancy of purpose, knowledge creation, voluntary spirit and system approach to improvement; living the Asian Way of harmony in diversity, mutual respect and austerity; following Core Values based on honesty, flexibility and self-control.

The reason for existence of ANQ

Quality of Human Life:
Contributing to quality of human life where people live with dignity and achieve balance in fulfilling physical, emotional, intellectual and self-actualization needs in harmony with nature.

Contributing to the prosperity of not only the current generation but also leaving a legacy for the future generations through appropriate focus on material, social and environmental issues; limiting consumption of abundant natural resources that may not be easy to renew; limiting damage to the environment that can be restored through natural activity.

Uniqueness, Integration and Inter-dependence:
Working for the integration of various elements within the society and amongst societies respecting uniqueness while harnessing the power of inter- dependence thereby reducing the disparities while enhancing prosperity for all members.

3C’s – Customer satisfaction through Competitiveness and Creativity:
Contributing for developing creativity of people and competitiveness of the regions that would lead to satisfaction of customers around the world.

The way to achieve the goals

Constancy of Purpose:
Focus on the long term purpose to provide constancy while taking care of the short-term needs.

System Approach to Improvement:
Develop and encourage use of system approach and scientific methods for breakthrough and continuous improvement through knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Development for Enriching Inherent Intelligence:
Develop network for knowledge development amongst members for advancement of science & technology through promotional activities for the research and development of philosophy, theory, methodology and application in the field of quality and quality management; and supplement the inherent intelligence of the people of the region to achieve ANQ Goals.

Integrity in performance and Voluntary participation:
Develop an environment that encourages voluntary participation in fact based management that leads to integrity in performance.

Typical attributes of Asian culture that are commonly displayed and are distinct from those of other cultures :

Harmony in Diversity:
Working in harmony with nature and amongst each other, sharing common interests; while respecting the diversity of language, culture, beliefs and living habits of different people. Creating a balance between the needs of the various stakeholders and ecological systems.

Mutual Respect and Compassion:
Mutual learning and knowledge sharing by respecting each others thoughts, beliefs and actions; Compassion towards others through kindness, empathy and sympathy; Warm hearted hospitality.

Austerity and Simple Living:
Austere & simple living; making do with what we have; living within our means

Effective and Efficient Use of Abundant Resources:
Effective and efficient utilization of resources even when in abundance, particularly the people; Eliminating waste of all kind through a habit of saving and sharing.

Values are the basic beliefs that govern the behavior and the actions. If these are in consonance with natural laws the long-term prosperity can be achieved.

Honesty and Sincerity:
To follow the ANQ way even in face of adverse circumstances. It is the courage and will power to stand up to our ideals and convictions in the face of all challenges. Walk the Talk; Practice what we preach.

Flexibility and Adaptability:
Ability of being able to accommodate the diverse needs in a given situation to create harmony without sacrificing long-term purpose; Flexibility in thinking, behavior and action while responding with agility & speed.

Self control and Responsibility:
It is a self-imposed curb on expenditure of human energy in wasteful channels and redirecting the energy thus conserved to constructive work, using the inherent intellectual talent in a responsible way.