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Procedure for IKA

Constitution of IKA committee and criteria for Awardees and guidelines for selection of awardees.

Established on 14 Sept 2009
Revised on 23 April 2011

Ishikawa-Kano Award

Constitution of Committee

  1. An Award Committee shall be constituted for selecting the individual (s) to be presented the Ishikawa-Kano Award.
  2. The Chairman of ANQ shall invite respected and senior persons in the field of quality management as members of the Award Committee.
  3. The Committee shall have at least three members. It shall have representation from a minimum of three member organizations. The Chairman of ANQ may consult the ANQ Board in nominating the Committee members .
  4. The Award Committee shall be constituted every two years, with or without changes.
  5. The Chairman of ANQ will nominate one of the invited members as Chairman of the Award Committee.
  6. The Committee may meet physically, or through email or teleconferences as convenient.

Criteria for awardee

  1. The awardee(s) of the IKA is not restricted to one person. Any candidate who meets the standard of IKA can be awarded.
  2. The person (s) chosen for the award shall have made contributions to the advancement or promotion of excellence through the theory and/or practice of quality management in Asian countries.
  3. He/she should have made contributions to quality-cent ere d excellence in any organized human endeavor – manufacturing, infrastructure, services, health care, research/, education, social service or any other.
  4. He/she should have made significant contributions in the field of quality management in at least two Asian countries, preferably three or more.
  5. The contribution could be through research, publications, teaching, consultation, counseling, guidance and/or advice,
  6. He/she should have worked in this field for at least fifteen years, preferably longer, thus demonstrating commitment over a long period of time.
  7. The contribution is to be evaluated by the Award Committee as representing a high level of significance in terms of actual past results, but also considering potential for future application.
  8. The current members of the Award Committee and/or the current members of the ANQ Board shall not be eligible for consideration for the Award during their terms.

Guidelines for selection

  1. The Ishikawa-Kano Award shall be given in principle to the person who meets the standard as required . The number of awardees is not restricted to one. In a given year, the Committee may also decide that no one is suitable for the Award.
  2. Only a member of the Awards Committee shall be eligible to nominate candidates for consideration. However, member organizations of ANQ may contact Award Committee members and suggest prospective candidates, or the Award Committee members may consult with member organizations of ANQ about prospective candidates.
  3. The Awards committee is required to nominate the candidate by the end of January of the year IKA shall be given, and circulate the required documents of candidate to Award Committee for review. Documents should include the Vita of the candidate in details and recommendation letters from at least 2 board members/member organizations.
  4. The Award Committee will make a documentary review on the candidates. The Award Committee will bring up the comments to the spring board meeting of the year and make a final decision on the awardees during the spring board meeting. Any discussion in the IKA committee is confidential.
  5. The Award Committee will make its choice from the nominated candidates. They will use the criteria suggested in the Criteria Section above. However, the details of these criteria may be developed by the Award Committee further .
  6. The Award shall consist of a plaque which shall be designed specially, together with a scroll or certificate which carries the citation. The citation will be written by the Awards Committee.
  7. The Award shall be presented on the occasion of the ANQ Congress, and the citation read.
  8. The individual (s) chosen for the award will be invited to speak for 10~15 minutes in a plenary session of the ANQ Congress.
  9. The expenses necessary for the administration of the Award shall be paid by a special budget to be called the IKA budget. The IKA budget shall be supported by the donations. During a certain period, this budget may be financed by the fund donated by Prof. Kano already. The host organization of the ANQ Congress will be asked to waive the registration fee of the Award winner

Supplementary provision

  • The amendments shall be in effect after the ANQ Congress of 2011.
  • For the process of IKA in 2011 only, the IKA committee will review the documents of the IKA candidates, if any, through email, and make the recommendation to the ANQ Chair before the end of June 2011.
  • A board organization may recommend one person for IKA to the IKA Committee, if any, by the 15th of May with necessary documents.