Chairperson’s Message

    Wan Seon Shin

    ANQ Chairman’s Message

    Wan Seon Shin
    Chairman, ANQ

    Dear ANQ members:

    It is an honor to serve as ANQ’s chairman, assuming the helm from Dr. Panisuan. I am excited to build on the strong foundation created by Dr. Kano and the incredible leaders who came before me. I appreciate all the members of ANQ for their professional networks with quality experts as well as sharing valuable insights on rapidly evolving quality issues in the congresses.

    2020 has been one of the most volatile and challenging years. The coronavirus pandemic has tested ANQ in many different ways. Despite 2020’s challenges, I’m proud that we stayed focused on our mission of promoting quality and quality management, which in many ways has never been more important.

    The New Year will usher in a renewed commitment for the post-corona quality strategy. I wanted to share the following goals so we can continue to support our mission in 2021:

    1. Share pioneering and practical ideas for enhancing excellence through annual fall congresses
    2. Recognizing eminent quality leaders and companies by various award systems
    3. Support for training new quality professionals based on ANQ Certificates
    4. Circulate bi-monthly ANQ news letter through emails and homepage uploads
    5. Create ANQ Youtube channel with short videos of quality from the member countries
    6. Continue on surveying Quality Trust Index to serve as promotional opportunities for businesses of the member countries.

    With ANQ members’ collective efforts, we can turn this time of uncertainty as an opportunity by making Asia quality into a leading standard for global quality strategy.

    In today's economy, technology, quality, and brand are becoming three dominating factors for sustainability. Since brand power comes from the combination of both technology and quality, we can conclude that both technology and quality are the leading edges. I hope we can share professional research ideas and case studies through ANQ about combining quality and technology. Those integrating efforts will be able to provide most creative and powerful skills to industries in the future. I hope that ANO can contribute to resolving unmet needs from academicians and practitioners over the world.

    On behalf of the ANQ members, may you have a safe and healthy New Year.

    Wan Seon Shin, PhD
    Chairman of ANQ
    Professor at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea