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Guidelines for Awards

ARE-QP Award

Established in September 2011

Revised: April 5, 2012
January 27, 2012
Dr. Shu Yamada, Chair ARE-QP
Proposal: ARE-QP

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This award is named ANQ Recognition for Excellence in Quality Practice (hereinafter referred as AREQP). The purpose of AREQP is to share good practices on Quality among ANQ organizations. The Scope of the award is activities in organization, rather than the whole organization activities.The following system, approach, philosophy and so forth can be a target of AREQP

  1. Enhancing top leadership and enabling organization management effectively and efficiently
  2. Enhancing and supporting improvement of quality, cost, delivery, safety, environment and so forth
  3. Supporting standardization and daily management for effective and efficient implementation
  4. Supporting new product, service and technology development effectively and efficiently
  5. Deploying small group activity and education and training system
  6. Others for TQM promotion

The requirements for AREQP are as follows:

  1. Effectiveness: It is implemented in organization and improve performance
  2. Repeatability: It is formulated as a system and enables to improve performance in similar situation
  3. Innovativeness: It contributes TQM progress because of its innovativeness
  1. Each ANQ member organization recommends one or two activities that can be regarded as a model among ANQ organizations.
  2. AREQP committee review and confirm the candidate activities. If necessary, committee members of the AREQP take a site visit to the candidate company.
  3. After presentation at ANQ congress, the organization with good activities is recognized as winner of AREQP. Certification will be given to the activities on quality at ANQ congress.
  1. Each member of ANQ selects one or two activities. Recommendation from ANQ member body should be sent to ANQ secretary and AREQP chair. The Deadline April 30 th , 2012 . Up to two recommendations will be accepted for each member body.Early recommendation is strongly recommended.
  2. Notification of acceptance/ no-acceptancewill be informed until May 10th, 2012 .
  3. At ANQ congress, AREQP session will be conducted as well as ANQ 2011. As a reference, winners of AREQP and schedule are shown in the next chapter.
  4. Representative of award winning organization will be given total of approximately 25 minutes including Question and Answer session.
  5. Only one person per presentation will be given complimentary participation in the ANQ Congress 2012.
a. Nominated organization
Member body Nominated organization
CAQ 1 Hisense Electric Co., Ltd
CAQ 2 Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd
ISQ 1 Lucas TVS Limited
ISQ 2 Mahindra and Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector
JSQC Service Quality Management
QPSP Aga Khan University Hospital
ROQ 1 National Bank of Bashkortostan
ROQ 2 Russian Federal State Unitary Enterprise OKTYABR
CSQ CHUNG-HUNG Steel Corporation
SQAT 1 Chaiyaboon Brothers, Co., Ltd
SQAT 2 C.P. Retail and Marketing Co., Ltd.
b. Session allocation
Session 1 2 3 4 5
AQR 1: 28/9 afternoon SQAT 1 SQAT 2 JSQC
AQR 2: 29/9 morning CSQ ROQ 1 ROQ 2
AQR 3: 29/9 afternoon CAQ 1 CAQ 1 QPSP ISQ 1 ISQ 1
  • The member body gives introduction of nominated organization by 2 min at the beginning of presentation
  • ¬†Each presentation consists of 15min (Excluding Q and A)
  • Certification is given to winners at closing session.