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History and Timelines

AQS Forerunner of ANQ

The Asian Quality Symposium (AQS), was the parent organization of ANQ. It was founded by Korean Society for Quality Control (KSQC) now known as Korean Society for Quality Management (KSQM) and Chinese Society for Quality Control (CSQC) now known as Chinese Society for Quality (CSQ).

The First AQS was held in Seoul on 9 July 1987. Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC) joined the AQS in 1991.

Preliminary Meetings for ANQ Establishment.

15th AQS 2001

At the steering committee meeting of the 15th AQS 2001, Dr. Chih-han Wang, President of CSQ, made a proposal to expand the AQS to the quality symposium of all Asian countries and to establish an Asian Organization for Quality. His proposal was immediately accepted by Dr. Sung H. Park, President of KSQM and Dr. Noriaki Kano, President of JSQC.

09 November 2001

Dr Kano keeping the long range and global viewpoint and in consultation with CSQ and KSQM had meetings with representatives of CAQ. On 09 November 2001 steering committee of AQS decided to give affiliation to CAQ ,HKSQ, ISQ and SQAT.

27 July 2002

On 27 July 2002, representative from seven organization namely Chinese Society for Quality (CAQ), CSQ, Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ), Indian Society for Quality (ISQ), JSQC, KSQM, The Standards and Quality Association Thailand (SQAT) assembled a discuss a form Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) with the objective of more intensive exchange of view on the quality of Asia and for closure collaborative relationship for mutual learning. It was decided to welcome to any non profit organization contributing to the growth of science and industry through promotional activities for development of philosophy, theory, methodology and application in the field of quality management through contributing to the quality of human life in Asia to join ANQ.

14th and 17th November 2002

On 14th and 17th November 2002 representative of 10 organizations namely, CAQ, CSQ, HKSQ, Indonesian Quality Management Association (IQMA), Iranian Society for Quality (ISQ-Iran) now known as Iranian Society for Quality Managers (ISQM), ISQ India, JSQC, KSQM, SQAT and Directorate for Standards and Quality Vietnam (STANEQ) now known as Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City (VQAH) agreed to form ANQ and decided to hold inauguration in September 2003 in Beijing. Historic ANQ statement Tokyo-2002 declaring establishment of ANQ was issued. It was declared that ANQ will operate following the ANQ Way, a set of principles in the way of administrating ANQ.