Accounting Guidelines

Article 1. (Purpose)

This bylaw aims at properly and smoothly dealing with the accounting of the Asian Network for Quality (hereinafter referred as ANQ).

Article 2. (Membership fee)

Each member organization of ANQ shall, in principle, pay the following fee.

  • Board Member Organizations USD$1,000/year
  • Member Organizations USD$500/year

If a request for consideration about the amount is made by a member organization, the Chairperson and the Secretary General can make decision after negotiation with the organization and then make a report to the Board.

Article 3. (Operations)

Each member organization shall deposit its relevant membership fee in its special ANQ account which is controlled independent ly from the organization’s regular account (hereinafter called ANQ account), administer and audit it, and produce the annual financial report to the Secretary General at the end of January in the next year. When a member body pays its annual membership fee to the account, it shall fax/ e-mail a copy of its bankbook to the ANQ Secretary General. This is regarded as the remittance and completion of the payment of annual membership fee. Each member organization may, of its own free will, deposit an amount of money beyond the member fee stipulated in the Article 2 notifying the Board Meeting.

Article 4. (Payment)

When the payment is to be made for the purpose of ANQ, the Secretary General shall review and approve its details, and direct a relevant member organization to pay for it from the organization¡¯s ANQ account. The Secretary General shall give due consideration for proper, impartial, efficient and economical (e.g. without unnecessary surcharge or commission) payment.

Article 5. (Audit)

The Board Meeting shall audit the financial reports submitted by the member organizations at the end of April every year.

Supplementary Provision

(Resolving difficulties) Any difficulties in the articles stipulated or subjects not stipulated in this bylaw shall be discussed and resolved by the Board Meeting.

(Amendments) Amendments to this bylaw shall be decided by the Board Meeting.

This bylaw is enacted on September 22, 2003, , amended on April 23, 2006 and 22 May 2009.